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To Honour and Obey

To Honour and Obey

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In memoriam anamnesis. 

To Honour and Obey is a solo game about an Arthurian wife at home. 

Your husband has left you, pregnant with his heir, to answer the call of adventure. 

But you are surrounded by wolves, and you will need to use all the skills and ingenuity you have to survive. 

You will use Tarot cards to play, generating prompts to guide you through your story. The game is played in four Acts, themed around the four suits you wil draw from as you try to scape together resources to vanquish a powerful, cunning enemy. 

You were granted this keep only two months ago. 

Well; your husband was. A gift from King Arthur for some noble act of gallantry and knightly service, no doubt. 

And yet today, he is leaving again; on some long and magickal quest, and you don’t know if, or when, he will be back. 

He’s left you with only two things - a baby boy in your belly, and a request to look after the keep while he’s gone. If only things were so easy. 

The people here have no particular loyalty to you, and the keep is a wreck, left derelict by its previous occupants. The crows are flocking, wanting a piece of your wealth, or maybe the demesne if they can work out how to get it. 

You have nobody here to protect you, only a few maidservants and a husband and family far away. But for all intents and purposes t

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