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A Winter's Tale – An Under The Floorboards Pocketmod

A Winter's Tale – An Under The Floorboards Pocketmod

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A printable version of this is available FOR FREE on!

Bring some magic to a struggling family in the middle of winter,  in this pocketmod for Under The Floorboards​​.

A Winter’s Tale is an adventure & setting which follows a group of elfin people making an exception to their rule of secrecy to try to help out the hard-working Biggies in their house over the holiday season.

This pocketmod can also can be played with any system which allows characters to pretend to be tiny people inspired by media such as The Borrowers. Alternatives to Under The Floorboards include Elfinfolk by Adam Baffoni, and even games such as Mausritter, or more generalist systems. 

Print it out to fold it into a physical booklet, or download the digital only version. 

You can purchase a physical version or get it free with any other order over the holiday season on Twelve Pins Press.

“The house is getting cold this winter. In previous years, the Bigs would turn on the heating, those thick copper pipes warming our burrows in the walls and floors. There are fewer left-overs for us to scavenge, and the house is not full with holiday snacks.”
“The Bigs are out of the house more often, and they return later, looking run down and worried. Though they are alien to us in many ways, we cannot help but feel concerned for them. The hard mood in the air is even being absorbed by the Little Bigs. If only there was something we could do to lift the mood. But revealing ourselves to the Bigs would be a death sentence, not just for us, but for Floorboardkind.”
“Or is there?” 
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